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Central Vacuum System

If you are one of almost 69 percent of homeowners looking for ways to a healthier cleaner home, this is your solution. Using the proper vacuum cleaning system you can significantly reduce airborne particles caused by animal dander, mould & pollen.

Aquainted with the stinky smell after using a portable vacuum cleaner for a while? That smell is dirt that a portable vacuum cleaner is simply recirculating in your home! Many allergists recommend central vacuum cleaning systems as they eliminate the re-circulation of germ laden dust.Unhealthy air is vented outside, with an up to 7 times more powerful system.

Our systems are the most convenient, efficient modern method for cleaning every corner of your home. The power unit is located outside the living area in the garage or on an external wall of the home. Your system is so quiet you can use it without disturbing your baby or families TV enjoyment.

Simply insert the lightweight hose into the wall or floor inlets, located conveniently throughout your home. No more loose plugs or tripping over tangled electrical cords. no recirculated dust or dirt, dust and odours are whisked away and exhuasted harmlessly outside the living areas and back to the power unit.

A premier clean ducted vacuum system costs little more than ordinary vacuum cleaners, they are so much easier for you to use and healthier for your families environment.

A true investment in not only you and your families' health but also in your home as the system becomes part of the home like the aircon or the geyser. Homes with central vacuum systems sell faster.

With only a few points located around the home, ducted vacuuming is the easiest and most efficient way of keeping your house clean.


Dust mites - Asthma - Hayfever

Dust mites are a significant cause of allergic reactions associated with Asthma, Sinusitus, Hayfever, Eczema, Skin Disorders and Eye Infections.

All of these can be associated with using conventional vacuum cleaners, infrequent emptying of vacuum cleaner bags and poor cleaning, amongst other things.

A premier clean ducted vacuum system allows for easy dust removal. The dust does not actually recirculate back into the home whilst vacuuming, which can happen when using conventional portable vacuum cleaners.

The Premier Clean ducted Vacuum system utilises an external dust collection point that requires only infrequent emptying and eliminates re-circulation of allergens into the home.